Amee Homes is a small boutique building company directed by Edin Omerovic which aims to create and build the best possible homes for their clients. We are dedicated to ensuring that the building process is smooth and personal for each and every client, allowing them to be engaged in the building of their projects; whether that be for clients own homes or investment projects. From the general layout to the intimate details which set apart each home, we aspire to make each and every project under our name the highest quality possible, and we build each as if it were our own. We have extensive experience in all aspects of construction industry. We offer our promise of the best possible workmanship and engagement during all interactions with our clients.


Amee Homes offers a range of services that include the building and renovations of individual homes, investment properties, units and apartments. Our service could include completed projects, turn key contracts or only part of the project if client requires. We are very flexible. Tell us how do you want it done.



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